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We have spent years searching for creative, smart and useful products around the world and bring them to you with a belief that they may help you make your life easier. We are also helping a lot of people have great ideas to gift their friends. We are sure that in this online shopping house, there is stuff you may not know that it has even existed.

We always try our best to provide customers great online shopping experience by ensuring not only the smooth buying process but also the good after-sales service. Please do not hesitate to contact us, give us comments, feed-backs, suggestions or even criticisms.

Life is too short to live in chaos, take it easy and make it fun by using creative stuff.

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About Bonprints

We work together to design, create and produce amazing printed on demand items that bring our customer the most valuable value. 

We co-operate with many venders to bring our customers the best quality with reasonable price.

We create designs as a way to document what we love!

Our mission is to be the premier source for quality products for all customers, especially those that relate to its unique culture and history. We deal in custom printed shirts, apparel, phone cases, pillowcases & bedding, Mugs, posters, face masks.... We only accept orders by online store and email. We also accept purchase orders. Payments can be made by Paypal or credit card. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service, too. We have bi-lingual employees who work in every aspect of the business, so our ability to help customers is universal. Because we are a small company we are fast and flexible. We encourage our customers to communicate special requests, as we are prepared to handle them.

To contact us via email.
Our hours are Monday-Friday 9:00am – 3:00pm. We observe all US federal holidays.
Our email address is support@bonprints.com

About bonprints.com in the time of the Coronavirus

These are interesting times! We are adjusting, just as you are.

The world is entering the second wave of the epidemic Covid. As a primarily online business, we are open and it is mostly business as usual. Our few employees are working from home. We are selling from our inventory, and though we are anticipating some delays from suppliers, so far that is not an issue. We suggest however, that you assume that shipments from the warehouse may be delayed, and that the US Postal Service (the only carrier we use) may also experience some delays. (If we learn nothing else in the crisis, we will learn to be patient and just slow down!)

Because customer service is something we deem extremely important, we will keep you informed of the status of your order, and any complications that might arise. We'd like to do that via telephone, so be sure we have a number where we can reach you. We are not always working from our office, so our telephones may go unanswered. However, we all have access to email where ever we are, so an email that you need a call will get results.

We hope that you are safe and staying out of the virus's way. We're here for you, if you need us!